Welcome to Farafinah Food whose sole mission is to help you discover African superfoods in a different way.

As a mother of young children, my daily goal is to try to make them eat healthy cereals with authentic flavors and African influences. Farafinah Food was born out of the lack of healthy and tasty African flavored cereals on the market.

Our goal is to accompany you every day in this morning ritual: to prepare and eat a healthy and tasty breakfast with all the nutrients the body needs to start the day well.

Our goal is to bring to market natural products, without refined sugars, that are full of goodness. We work directly with women who specialize in processing nutrient-rich and tasty superfoods, including baobab, moringa and fonio. These superfoods are naturally grown and harvested using sustainable farming methods, ensuring that they are free of harmful chemicals and pesticides.

We offer a wide range of handcrafted products containing natural ingredients, such as baobab powder, moringa leaves, coconut, coconut flower sugar.

Farafinah Food is an invitation to discover the taste of African superfoods.